videos and thoughts

Looking at the videos, I find the body gestures fascinating, such as the intuitive index finger pointing even though the apparatus is not physically on it,
the leaning forward to extend the reaching point even when subjects are bound to the chair, seeking a fuzzy source.

It seems that it will be important to rethink the bodily limitations and make sure they are consistent.
also, with the prep talk and debriefing parts I find that consistency is highly important, making sure we ask each subject the exact same questions and not follow up on random tangents of thought.

Here are the videos for external views. (Ill upload Laura's next week, vimeo upload limits)

Memory-Place march 3rd | Xin Wei......Intro

Memory-Place march 3rd | Xin Wei......Part 1

Memory-Place march 3rd | Xin Wei......Part 2

Memory-Place march 3rd | Xin Wei......Debriefing

David | Xin Wei