subjective experience vs. psychology

Yes, Andrew the form regards a recording rights issue, with the permission to disseminate with anonymized but still individualized accounts as David pointed out.   

Pertinent to David's observation about the conceit of the interchangeability of subjects, here's Al Bregler's keynote to CIRMMT / McGill in 2008.

Xin Wei

On 2011-05-12, at 9:35 AM, Andrew Forster wrote:

I can type something up for today's use to make sure we have something:

-short description (from protocol)
-participants name and contact info (for follow-up contact)
-participants occupation/specialty
-permission to be recorded by video/audio
-assurance that this recorded material or participants name won't be disseminated in public but is for research purposes
-further permission will be requested for any public dissemination of the material, if we want to do that

(this is really a recording rights thing, if I understand,  not an 'experimental subjects' thing--as we are framing this as participating in an 'environmental experience'..right?)


On 2011-05-12, at 9:10 AM, David Morris wrote:

I haven’t worked on this. Xin Wei, I’m wondering if your past work might give us some templates that could be quickly modified. I’ve never seen the language on such release forms.

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Has anyone made the waiver form for the participants to sign?

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 11:39 AM, Niomi Anna Cherney> wrote:
Hello Guides, 

Noah - is it ok if I send the participants your cell phone number in case they are running late or something? I've instructed them that one or both of you will be meeting them in the JM lobby and taking them upstairs. 

Let me know if this is ok.


On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 11:37 AM, Niomi Anna Cherney> wrote:
Holy jeeze that is amazing! We should buy Michael a present or something. 

Ok, I vote we set up a semi-permanent warm-up debrief space in the snack studio. I will also be responsible for bringing the cookies and tea. Have just sent the participants an email so I think we're all set to go. 

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 10:15 AM, p.a.duquette> wrote:
We are lucky wee experimenters, we are. Michael has been able to confirm a third studio for us. So we now have access to: MB 7.265, MB 7.251, and MB 7.255.

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I will bring lamp no have bulb... perfect.

Re: the warm up room... is there a curtain or separation possible in one of the studios, then we could use that space...

On 2011-05-09, at 9:36 PM, Niomi Anna Cherney wrote:

That's why I suggested we meet at 3:30 - so we could all gather together, talk and then split up and gather the gear. 

I can bring light bulbs but I don't have any lamps.


On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 9:32 PM, zohar> wrote:
I can pick up the equipment at 4ish and bring it to TML, pas problem. since Hexagram/CDA depots close at 5pm, 
4:40 might be stretching it, as gear is divided between 5th and 11th floors.

light bulbs and lamps, how many? can people bring such from home? I think there is one or two office lamps at TML.
also, what watts do we need, should be consistent?


On May 9, 2011, at 9:14 PM, p.a.duquette wrote:

I recall the desk lamps w/bare bulbs being the preference also.

Meeting earlier Thursday sounds wise to me also. Do note though that we don't have the studios until 5pm, so if we do pick up the gear @4pm, we'll only be bringing it over to TML. 

Zohar can we pick up gear @4:40pm instead, or is this a 'summer hrs' thing?

The debriefing could take place in one of the already-booked studios (same one the snacks are permitted in). Don't know how easy or possible it will be to get a third studio at this point... I can try... Would the hallway be an OK location for the warm-ups, unto themselves, though? 


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Zohar - I think we decided on the adjustable desk lamps with the bare bulbs.... am I wrong about this?

Other things as per David's numbering system (with an additional 5 & 6) :

1) I will be sending out the email to participants as soon as Patricia forwards me the security clearance attachment. I was thinking that perhaps it might be better to simply meet and gather participants in a central location in the lobby and then head up to the studios altogether. We thus avoid the security thing also. Perhaps Noah and Andrew could take this on as well?

2) I think we should meet at 3:30 to sit down as a group and just go over how the set up and running of the evening will proceed. At this time we can discuss any last minute logistical problems/ address the remaining questions about the lighting moves and so on. We can then get the equipment at 4pm and begin taking it over to the studios. Whoever is available at this time should head to the TML I think. I also suggest that once we have the set up roughly in place in the studios, we try a few dry runs right away so that we can tweak the edges of the transitions during the protocol while fine tuning the tech set up. We should have enough people present to have this happen. 

3) David, of course you will be involved in the debriefing. That must have been an oversight on my part. Sorry. 

4) Word. 

5) The hallway absolutely WILL NOT DO as a warm-up/ debrief zone. Do we have any other options? I believe there's a third studio on the same floor. Is there any way to get the additional studio?

6) I will add in additional stuff to the protocol and have multiple copies on hand for Thurs. Please add in any last minute stuff you can think of. I can also be in charge of keeping us on task/ schedule. 


On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 7:58 PM, zohar> wrote:

Some thoughts regarding the lights- did we like the LED ones Andrew got for last time? or better to use a more of an omni-tungsten light?
as they gave very different result, we might want to be consistent.

Andrew, did you buy them in a dollar store?

Not a bad idea to meet tad before, I booked the equipment from 4pm, so maybe we can meet all at the TML and head over to the studios together?

On May 9, 2011, at 3:53 PM, David Morris wrote:

Hi Niomi,
Thanks for all the work on this!!!
Catching up:
I couldn’t get onto the online doc, but I had suggestions for revisions to the initial script, to build on what you’ve set up,  break the points down a bit, and use what I think is a bit more neutral vocabulary. (E.g., I think we should avoid the language of navigation, and just talk about moving around and finding things, because navigation might put them into a ‘map mindset’; also talk about ‘something’ vs. ‘an object’ just to leave open that they might not feel the thing as an object (might feel it as a barrier?) or may feel more than one thing). I paste my suggested reworking below; I hope you’ll find them an extension of your initial thoughtful framing and work.
1)      Have the participants been contacted?
2)      I see there are number of questions we still need to answer, e.g., about how to move the lights around, and who is bringing what. Maybe we need to meet a bit earlier than Patricia’s suggested time?
3)      Also, I wanted to be part of the debriefing process.
4)      In general, I think we have to be careful with the debriefing, balancing letting them speak spontaneously, and drawing them out, also, attending to not getting it to confusing or too many voices.
Welcome. Thanks for joining us.
We’re now going to do some exercises in body movement and bodily experiential awareness together, to help warm you up for experiencing a special environment that we have prepared for you. But before doing the exercises we wanted to tell a little about this special environment.
It’s different than the ones you might be used to. It’s something like an art installation, but one experienced through a new way of sensing that we will provide to you. We’ll provide with this new way of sensing by putting a sleeve‑type apparatus on your finger, and also a band holding a further lightweight apparatus on your forearm. You should let us know if you find either of these things uncomfortable.
Once you are wearing this apparatus you will become sensitive to your environment in a new way. We’ll test this out together before you go into the environment. In the environment, there’s something you can find through this new way of sensing, and we’d like you to move around to find and interact with it.
The environment is in a different place than the one we’re now in. You’ll be with either Noah or Andrew the whole time. They’re going to guide you into this environment and then step back a little so that you can explore it.
If at any time during this process you feel uncomfortable you should let them know right away. You can speak to them the whole time, even if you are feeling completely comfortable. We’re here to help you move your way around this new environment, so feel free to say what comes to mind as you’re moving around. You can move around as much as you’d like but it’s probably a good idea not to move too fast so that your guide can keep up with you and spot you.
After you have completed your time in the environment, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your experience with the other participant and with us.
During the time that you are in the environment, we’ll be audiovisually recording your experience. We would like to watch these recordings later to better observe your experience. We might also want to use some of this information for future trials and to help us build a more precise environment. If that’s ok, we would ask you to sign a form.
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. This is real