one more orienting meeting in April? Thursday April 21?

Dear Memory+Place People,

Let's have one more orienting meeting in April, shall we?   I would very much like to see if everyone can gather one of these remaining weeks before Adrian and others among us disappear for the summer (as of May 1).   This would be to:

(1) Take stock of where we are at, and evaluate the work to date.  It would be very helpful to review some of the key texts and discussions prior to the session.  (See   

(2) Prepare for the coming experiment Thursday MAY 12, 17h00 - 23h00, in MB 7.251 and MB 7.265.  Plan for follow up.   

Can it be Thursday April 21, 2:00 - 4:00ish PM? 

I like Else's.  It could be earlier to give more time for Tristana.

BTW, we'll write up a note to formally close and celebrate our Seed Grant from the VPRGS.

Xin Wei