notes / queries : memory-place Thurs trial

Hi All,

1. Today Xin Wei, Zohar, and I spoke to a graduate student (psychology / intermedia / performance) who is interested in sitting in on our upcoming trial (as an observer). Zoe may also be interested in sitting in on any forthcoming conversations. It is possible too that, if one our volunteer participants doesn't make it Thursday, she could stand in as a back up. Barring that, there may be a technical role we can assign her... ? I've still to take a sit down with the documents Naomi sent (thanks!), but I figure we can wait and see how things pair up on that document, before deciding what (if any) role Zoe could play?

2. Michael M and I have been cooperating to firm up details of our access to the studios. We have passed along a list of all collaborators and participants names to security personnel. Let me know if you notice anyone missing from this list (other than Zoe)?:
Dr. Sha Xin Wei, Prof. David Morris, Andrew Forster, Tristana Martin Rubio, Noah Brender, Niomi Anna Cherney, Zohar Kfir, Patricia Anne Duquette. Didier Chelin, Edvta Niemviska, Jeremie LeClerc, Jen Gibson, Laura Boyd-Clowes, Jennifer Spiegel.

3. Also it should be noted that pedestrian shoes are not permitted in the dance studios (everyone will need to remove these outside the door). Michael has noted that the hallway between the studios may not be suitable for the interviewing / discussion process (students often gather there). He has also noted that food and drink would be permitted only in one particular studio (MB 7.265). My suggestion then would be that the snacks and the interviews could both take place in this same studio. How much would that mess up the existing schedule?

Though this may also mean that we need less a/v recording equipment, Zohar and I were thinking we'd keep the booking and bring the gear 'just in case'... We may actually find it all comes in handy, or find the hallway empty and quiet...

4. We will need to let the participants know where to go and at what time (I don't think it's detailed in David's original call out)... Should we simply provide them with the studio numbers and directions (rather than meeting them in the foyer, for eg)? Should we schedule each participant's arrival in correlation with their scheduled time-block (as opposed to having everyone arrive at the same time, for eg)?

x patricia