formal trial date & build costs

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Date: March 9, 2011 10:25:36 AM EST
Subject: Re: formal trial date & build costs [memory/place]

Great picture. I think this is the perfect set-up. Thanks for looking into this. We get the big baboon and our participants hang underneath (with the updated glove on, of course). We'll need to get some bags of wood chips. We'll need to alter the protocol a little + I think the debrief should include the primate. I think this can work.


On 2011-03-09, at 10:07 AM, Niomi Anna Cherney wrote:

I suggest that we meet next Thursday in the TML to go over the video record of the first trial and begin to prepare a Call for Participation. 

The attached photo was taken by yours truly in 2008 at the Metro Toronto Zoo. The baby baboon pictured below is now of full size and anxiously awaiting his participation in our installation.

Until the next meeting, 

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 7:51 AM, Sha Xin Wei <> wrote:
Protocol people -- Noah Niomi Tristana  et al...
How about you guys decide, write  up a call for participants in the installation, t we will circulate.  Let's pose this not as an experiment, but as an art installation.  Let's regard our visitors as guests not as subjects.


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I should perhaps add that I'm presenting y'all with the highest qoute, in search of an allowable budget range. Zohar and I are for sure looking into cheaper alternatives in the interim.

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Subject: formal trial date & build costs [memory/place]

Hi All,

I can't seem to find reference to our overall schedule; when is it we are holding the formal trial (with selected glove / subjects, et al)? We are looking to know the timeline we are working within.

Zohar and I were discussing the possibility of using a wrist brace, upon which we would mount our new glove's electronics (such as this: It is firm as well as flexible enough to serve this purpose, and we would imitate it's design for a finger brace (where the vibrating motor and photoresister / light detector would be mounted). Both would be fastened via Velcro, thus adjustable.

Altogether, one device built this way would likely cost btwn 50-60$ (depending on how many parts we can pilfer rather than purchase). Is this affordable budget-wise? Is it affordable to build two of these (whether as 'back up' or to be worn on both hands)?