2009-10-04: Report and Next Meeting

On 2009-10-04, at 9:07 AM, David Morris wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>> We had our first seminar on Thursday, Oct 1--which was stimulating and
> productive.
>> We decided the next seminar will be next Thursday, Oct 8, 3:30 pm.>> Today, we did introductions, and then started a discussion geared to 3
> interrelated dimensions of the project, roughly:> 1) Theoretical/conceptual: what is memory, and what is its relation to
> place, and to our identity?> 2) Experimental: What might a phenomenological experiment probing memory and
> its relation place look like, what sort of content will serve to let us do
> an experiment on this topic?> 3) Methodological: what is a phenomenological experiment anyway, and what
> protocol might we use to have the experiment be properly open-ended in a
> phenomenological way, yet be robust in investigating the phenomena?>> We based our discussion today on observations about memory, via experience,
> prior experimental results, and our various backgrounds in philosophy, art,
> neuroscience. We had Russon and Casey as background. We broached some
> possible platforms for the experiment, beyond the table-top theater, e.g., a
> whole room in which one would move, with interactive projections on the
> walls; or a Janet Cardiff-like place-walk with sounds triggered at certain
> places.>> We decided that for next week, we would dig into details of Casey to try and
> refine our discussion, starting with the body memory chapter.>> We are hoping that Xin Wei will be there, and that he could give a demo of
> some of the TML work and tech, and also that Elena could demo her work on
> the mirror experiment.
>> Best,
>> David