2009-09-14: Memory Place readings

On 2009-09-14, at 11:52 AM, Sha Xin Wei wrote:

> Hi,
>> Harry and I thought we'd take up David's invitation to start the readings soon. I believe David's coming back form a conferende soon (>), and that Harry will send an initial email to see who's up for that The minimum shall be the active experimentalists. >> The ones who have been active or will be active in building (sw/ gear) for the actual experiment, with interests as far as I recall -- please amend or correct!
>> Morgan -- pattern recognition
> Elena -- set up camera, table> Zohar -- set up camera, Jitter>> Harry -- readings, experiment design
>> Liza expressed interest as well -- perhaps working with "subjects" based on her extensive experience in the Dream and Nightmare Lab @ U dM.
>> I would expect the actual table top experiments should be quite easy to implement! (If not, let's drop it and design another experimental configuration :) David and I have an initial one that I hope someone (Morgan and Zohar) will be interested in and able to realize. We'll need to refine the experiment design.
>> Please be on the lookout for email via the memory+place mailing list about the discussion seminar.
>> Looking forward to it,
> Xin Wei
>> PS. I asked Yu Satow to set up a demo of techniques for tracking objects on the white table in TML -- in conversation with Navid, Morgan, Elena, et al.