2009-06-23: Memory Place Take 1: Mirror

On 2009-06-23, at 2:48 PM, Elena Frantova wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>> I would like to let you know about the current (for this summer) and future (fall) phenomenological experiments with David Morris.
> It may affect you in one way or the other (especially, the other, I hope).
>> First of all, this is tml wiki page for the project:
> http://tml.ath.cx:8080/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Projects.MemoryPlace
>> It has description of the project and , for those who are or will be part of the reading group, the list of the readings with links to their pdf's:
>> Project has two parts:
> - "mirror" - happening in the tml right now. Designated corner - by the electronics /soldering station (may change).
> - actual "memory place" - happening in fall (initial setup to be done in summer, see below). Designated table - big white oval tml table, that will be used as projection surface.
>> 1) "mirror" :
> - Apple Cinema Display - taken away from the video station to the designated corner)
> - G5 - Xin Wei suggested we use Varo, the video station now has its display instead of the big one
> - 2 analogue cameras + 2 digitizers : for now, I've found two unemployed digitizers, all cameras seem to be integrated in some setup (? JS, does it mean - in use?) so I'm borrowing the hexagram cameras for now but this will need to change....
>> 2) "memory place" - table theatre
> - Varo the G5, along with cameras and digitizers will migrate into the second phase of the project. Apple Cinema Display will safely return to its natural video environment and one of the small Mitsubishu projector will be promoted to animate the table theater ( permanently installed there)...
>> So there are three working periods coming up this summer (scheduled for now, could be - forth one in the second half of august).
>> 1. June 24 - June 30:
> Setup "mirror" experiment: see how simple (visual) manual and more complex (temoral) manipulations work. Come up with protocol.
>> 2. June 12 - June 18
> Improve the protocol - clarify what the experiment actually should be. Invite and schedule participants. Collect some data (?)
>> 3. July 27 - August 3
> Follow up whatever comes out in 1 and 2, maybe collect some more data with some more participants.
> Setup table theater and brainstorming on it.
>> Suggestions and comments are welcome.
>> Elena