2009-06-19: DaviD Morris experiment

On 2009-06-19, at 12:15 AM, Sha Xin Wei wrote:

Hi Elena,

At yesterday's meeting we decided to go ahead with 

(1) dressing a "mirror" -- Michael M had a good idea: use a half silvered mirror, to give a sense of the "mirror-ness" -- maybe use a video mixer like the one the Jerome checked out from Hexagram for Frankenstein to blend in the image of camera with live see-through, to achieve some of the effects desired.

We should design the experiment and tun it during the summer.

(2) Setting up the "tabletop theater"  -- so we can get ideas for designing the fall experiment.
2.1 Mount a small Mitsubishi projector over the oval table, and also a camera + digitizer;
2.2 Run cables to a G5 that we can use for this.  I agree that we should use a separate G5 that we can add to the ozone network for this.   

This same G5 should also be the acquisition machine for sensor data from one of the SensorDocks.  I will work with Patrick to attach a SensorDock to thee same G5 that we designate.  Let's confer on which one can be multiply purposed, and how.  (Use your Hexagram account, and maintain run version of code on SVN on tml local?)

I'll work with you on this, too, so we can define a protocol :)
Xin Wei

cc as courtesy FYI Ozone and other folks who may be able to advise you, or have an intellectual interest in this.